How to Needlepoint: Getting Started


  • Needlepoint Canvas 
    • A stitch painted canvas is often an easier option for beginners as there is no question about what color should be where. We also recommend beginning with a 13 mesh canvas (this refers to how many holes per inch, so 13 mesh = bigger holes than 18 mesh) with 2-3 colors
  • Threads (also called Fibers). We are always happy to recommend threads for our canvases, or your LNS (local needlepoint shop) will be able to help you!
  • Tapestry Needle (use a Size 22 Tapestry Needle for 18 Mesh and a Size 20 Needle for 13 Mesh Canvas)
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Needle Threader (optional)
  • Stretcher Bars & Tacks (optional)

Threading Your Needle

Learn to thread your tapestry needle with ease using the LoRan Needle Threader.



Starting a Thread 

Start your thread using a Waste (or Away) Knot, which allows you to secure the end of your thread beneath your first stitches so it won't later unravel. 


For more information on how to do the basic needlepoint tent stitches, visit our post here